American Communities

American Communities is a real estate firm that focuses on acquisition, development and management of multi-family communities in select markets. The firm is the result of the long-time vision of American Communities founder, Ronny Guerrero. From a very early stage in his career, Guerrero dreamed of creating the best apartment communities in the industry. In 2008, he put that vision into action by acquiring existing properties in need of remodeling and repositioning. The results were outstanding and quickly exceeded expectations.

American Communities has an incredibly unique recipe for transforming sub-standard performing properties into communities and achieving at or above market results. According to Guerrero the recipe is very simple: "Our staff is paramount to the success of our business. Nothing comes close to equaling the importance of our team members. And, I mean nothing. When we take care of our staff, they take care of our residents and properties". While simple and seemingly obvious, this intricate recipe incorporates thousands of details that demand daily attention. American Communities has developed an innovative model that ensures each property's vision is purposeful and profitable.